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How Important is SEO?

I provide a multitude of SEO services from SEO Audits, On-page SEO, and Technical SEO to Off-site SEO.

Here's how you gain a competitive advantage:

Audits & Tool Setup

  • Keyword Auditing
  • Content Auditing
  • Technical SEO Auditing
  • Competitor Auditing
  • SEO Analytics Setup
  • GSC, GTM, & GA4 Setup 

Foundational SEO

  • Keyword Research
  • Metadata Updates
  • Alt Tag Implementation
  • Internal Linking
  • Fixing crawl issues
  • Structured data

Content SEO 

  • Content Strategy
  • Content Planning
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Sales Copywriting
  • Link Building (off-site)

Technical SEO

  • Page Speed Rendering
  • JS/CSS Optimization
  • Cache Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Server Optimization
  • Accessibility Updates

With over a decade of working on highly authoritative websites in the mental health, technology, and publishing industry, Brandi has earned her stripes as a rockstar enterprise SEO and SEO Consultant. 

She has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience on what it takes to not simply rank well in search engines, but also grow engagement, customer lifetime value, and conversions that help drive business growth.

Her data-driven SEO strategies have led to unlocking millions of dollars in revenue for public global enterprises such as Citrix and Taylor and Francis Group. She’s used her wealth of knowledge to execute high-performing SEO campaigns for large enterprises and small to mid-size businesses. 

Contrary to popular SEO trends and misleading SEO tactics, Brandi takes an often overlooked approach to maximizing organic growth that has helped websites improve their domain authority, boost engagement, and grow up to 10x in converting traffic.

Her simple M.O.: Put customers first. Attract, Captivate, and Convert. 

What They Say

Jessica Collier

VP of Growth Marketing

"Brandi is a highly skilled and passionate SEO professional. She revamped SEO strategy for a Fortune 1000 company with two domains, 20+ global websites, and many stakeholders... supporting a massive product naming/site restructure, migrating 12 GEO sites (9 translated), and securing 50% SOV and position 0/answer boxes."

Jessie Xu

Enterprise Account Manager

"Brandi is a rockstar. Brandi has been comprehensive in the projects we've worked together. Using the insights from Conductor and her SEO expertise.  She contributed to efforts in the past two years that resulted in significant traffic growth and keyword rank improvements. On top of all that, she's an absolutely delightful person to work with."

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